Unprecedented 1 Year Warranty

DC Thermals heaters are hand built in the USA with only the very best parts, motors, and wire. Our heaters are not constructed of snap together plastic, and cheap internal parts. DC Thermals’ heaters are designed to last you a lifetime, not a season. One year parts AND Labor. No one in the industry can come close to that. I would challenge you to find another heater that would last one year, much less have a one year warranty. We can offer this warranty because our heaters last. They run and don’t stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in cold storage by some of our customers, and including the United States Military.

DC Thermals RuCar Composite heaters produce no odor or fumes. Our heaters are a great alternative to propane not only because they are more economical, but because they are much more safe especially indoors or in an enclosed area. There is no risk of harmful fumes or hoses rupturing. The RuCar elements are vacuum sealed in our proprietary Ruby quarts tubes which eliminates any contact with the harsh outside elements such as moisture or humidity. Our technology is not only a safer and more efficient method, but also extends the life of the elements to 10,000 hours which is unmatched in the industry.