™RuCar Elements

™RuCar elements are exclusive to DC  Thermal.  Our engineers developed this technology in house specifically for our heaters and our designs. We are the only company in the world that uses this technology in direct current. RuCar elements get extremely hot and use about 30% less power to produce up to 3 times the heat as a regular standard alloy element. This means more heat and BTU’s and less battery is used.

What makes RuCar so superior to any other elements is not only its life expectancy of 10,000 hours compared to 3000 hours on a standard alloy element, and  its synthetic make up, but also total encapsulation and isolation from any contact with air or humidity. RuCar elements are vacuum sealed inside our own Ruby quartz tubes. RuCar elements also feature our high-temperature vibration dampeners which eliminates virtually all vibration from the engine, travel conditions, or other sources of damaging motion. This not only makes RuCar elements last much longer, but it also makes the heater much safer in areas where an open heat source would not be safe. When our competitors elements are exposed to moisture, or humidity, they will begin to deteriorate from the first use, and in a short time rust will develop creating a “hot spot” and the element will burn out. In addition to moisture, vibration will dramatically shorten the life expectancy of any alloy heater.

RuCar is also very durable in its make up, it is not susceptible to the damage like that of a standard element, which is very similar to an incandescent light bulb. RuCar elements are very durable and built for the harshest most rugged environments. When your shopping for a heater, ask if the elements are totally encapsulated, vacuum sealed , what the life expectancy is, and what is the warranty? No one can come close to DC Thermal in these areas.

™RuCar Elements are trademarked and patented by DC Thermal LLC.