Ducted Cab Heaters

DC Thermals heaters are hand built in the USA with only the very best parts, motors, and wire. Our heaters are not constructed of snap together plastic, and cheap internal parts. We construct our heater housings out of vinyl clad aircraft aluminum which is riveted together. DC Thermals heaters are designed to last you a lifetime, not a season. DC Thermal heaters will work in any vehicle with a DC electrical system from 12-72 volts including cars, trucks, vans, busses, heavy equipment, etc.

Totally electric ducted cabin heater. No engine hoses or water needed! INSTANT HEAT, INSTANT DEFROST. NO warm up time!

Available in 12, 24, 36, 48, or 72 Volts. Measuring only 9″x 5″x4″ means it will fit into tight spaces.

The ducted heater is available with 2,3, or 4 vent outlets and can be configured virtually any way you would like. This heater features a High and Low heat settings and adjustable fan speeds.Our new SD Ducted series line of heaters are based on our proven Stealth series, but with a newly designed brushless high static pressure fan. The brushless design has proven to work well with sensitive electronics found in some of todays equipment. The brushless design has proven to have very little EMI noise when tested on a scope.

DC Thermals line of ducted heaters is your answer for an effective way to install a heat source quickly and easily. No water lines to run, fittings to install or worry about a corroded core down the road, and most importantly INSTANT HEAT. No warm up time! These ducted heaters are available from 12-48 volts and different wattages as well. Our ducted heater is simple to install and the vents only take minutes to mount. If you have a need for a defrost vent, a forward facing vent, or even a foot warmer, our ducted heater is your answer. Measuring only 9″ long and 6″ tall, our ducted heater will fit in virtually any small space.

The SD ducted series heaters feature our RuCar elements which have been tested to have a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, are vacuum sealed, and are exclusive to DC Thermal. RuCar elements operate at temperatures in excess of 650 degrees, are up to 300% more efficient than typical hot water systems.

This heater features a High and Low heat settings and adjustable fan speeds

ONE-YEAR parts and labor warranty.

Comes complete with mounting bracket, hardware, crimp on electrical ends, fuse, and fuse holder. Hose and vents sold separately.